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.: Uk Growroom busts A look at a few police operations with regard to cannabis cultivation within the UK, which forces are more likely to pay you a visit in the wee small hours if your growing a few 'illegal 'plants, its seems to be dependent on how each force interprets home office guidelines,a post code lottery you might say:



'more than £200,000 worth of cannabis plants'
LiverPool UK
Feburary 24th 2008

2 chaps have been arrested after police uncovered drugs farms in Bootle in a seizure of more than £200,000 worth of cannabis plants.
A raid in Bootle on Tuesday as well as two last Friday in Bootle and Waterloo, uncovered more than 900 cannabis plants.
Police found a stun gun and more than 230 plants as cultivating equipment at a house in Clare Road on Tuesday.A 40-year-old man from Bootle has been bailed pending further enquiries. It follows raids on Friday, during which around 315 plants were uncovered at a drugs farm in Wadham Road.
TWO men have been arrested after police uncovered drugs farms in Bootle in a seizure of more than £200,000 worth of cannabis plants.
A raid in Bootle on Tuesday as well as two last Friday in Bootle and Waterloo, uncovered more than 900 cannabis plants. Police found a stun gun and more than 230 plants as cultivating equipment at a house in Clare Road on Tuesday. A 40-year-old man from Bootle has been bailed pending further enquiries.
It follows raids on Friday, during which around 315 plants were uncovered at a drugs farm in Wadham Road.


'Inquiries are continuing'
Middleton UK January: 17th 2008

Police in Rochdale have recovered over 300 cannabis plants after a drugs warrant was executed at an address in Middleton earlier this week. Officers from the Volume Crime Team attended an address on Ennerdale Road, Langley, at about 1.45pm on Wednesday 12 September 2007, after information from the public and discovered a cannabis farm.
Over 300 plants at various growing stages were recovered as well as electrical and lighting equipment.


'seized 40 kilos of harvested cannabis bush...make that Bud...'
August 18th 2007

Police found more than 1,500 cannabis plants at one of Greater Manchester's largest cannabis 'farms'. The raid on an industrial unit in Blackley this week was part of a clampdown on the multi-million-pound illegal cottage industry that has closed 12 drug farms in the last year.
The unit in Lion Works on Old Market Street could produce around £1.5m worth of cannabis every nine weeks. Officers also seized 40 kilos of harvested cannabis bush, worth about £115,000, and lighting equipment.
GMP say cannabis farms are increasingly run by highly organised gangs from outside the region. They use trafficked people, particularly from Vietnam, and people in debt to gangs to farm the plants.
They watch them grow under strong lights, but know little or nothing about the gangs' wider operations. This means detectives can struggle to identify gangmasters, who can quickly set up replacements in rented property when one farm is closed, Full Buds.....


'Recorder William Davis QC jailed the two men for two years'
August 18th 2007

A strong smell of cannabis near homes in Northampton town centre led police to send up the force helicopter which spotted the heat bloom rising from the lights of a drugs factory.
Two Vietnamese-born men, who admitted running the £14,000 cannabis production plant from a property in The Mounts, were each jailed for two years.
Northampton Crown Court heard how Man Bao Sam, aged 40, and 33-year-old San Khong were arrested when the heat generated by the lights used to nurture their lucrative plants was spotted by the helicopter's thermal imaging camera.
Pearl Willis, prosecuting, said officers raided the property in Margaret Street at 2am on October 30 and discovered three rooms being used to cultivate the class A drug.
As well as lights, trays, plant pots and fertiliser, they discovered almost 250 plants at varying stages of growth, two kilos of cannabis and 156 infant plants at Khong's home. Recorder William Davis QC jailed the two men for two years after Sam, of Margaret Street, The Mounts, and Khong, of Bidders Close in Northampton town centre, pleaded guilty last month to conspiracy to cultivate and produce cannabis in October last year, Full Sentence....


'475 cannabis plants...4 years '
August 10th 2007

A police raid in Southampton found 475 cannabis plants, a court was told. Had they reached maturity, the plants, which were discovered in three rooms and a loft, would have had a wholesale value of more than £70,000.
Southampton Crown Court was told that officers also found the electricity supply had been bypassed and the three-bedroom property in Shakespeare Avenue, Portswood, had been adapted with electrical cabelling, sockets, extractors, a watering system, fans and chemicals.
Before the court was Vien Hoang, 41, who had pleaded guilty to producing cannabis. He had claimed he was only a gardener but the judge observed he knew what to do as no instructions were found at the premises.
Passing a deterrent sentence of four years in prison, Judge Tom Longbotham said: "I accept you were not the man who rented the property but you were someone who was prepared to stay there and work there. You cultivated the cannabis, and knew how to deal with potential problems."
In mitigation, Ben Stephenson said Hoang had been at the property for only a week. He was given a meal and £200 and promised there would be more when the plants came to fruition. They didn't and he was arrested. He played a minor role."
The court was told that drugs squad officers had raided more than 50 houses in the Southampton area in the past 18 months and discovered they had been converted into sophisticated cannabis factories.
The rented properties had links with the Vietnamese community and in some cases had been damaged by fire after the electricity meter had been bypassed.


'disappointing some of the cannabis may have hit the streets'
August 10th 2007

A weed factory was discovered by police at a house in Cowley Road, Oxford. Officers raided the house yesterday after a tip-off from a caretaker who had become suspicious and found about 350 plant pots used for growing cannabis. But the plants had recently been harvested and no cannabis leaves were seized. No one has been arrested.
PC Leigh Thompson, drugs co-ordinator for Oxfordshire, said: "Although it is disappointing some of the cannabis may have hit the streets, we have seriously disrupted this operation.
"The caretaker did exactly what we expect landlords to do, and that's keep a close eye on their properties and report to the police anything they think is suspicious.
"With thousands of pounds damage being caused to some properties turned over to cultivating cannabis, it's in landlords' interests to do so."


'an attempt to halt the rising numbers of cannabis farms throughout Britain'
August 1st 2007

Police have shut down a cannabis farm in the latest of a series of operations against home-grown suppliers. More than 100 cannabis plants were seized at a house in Clifton, Salford. The upstairs bedrooms had been transformed into a makeshift greenhouse for growing the Class-C drug. Officers also discovered cultivation equipment including heaters and ventilators at the house, in Clively Avenue. No arrests were made and police have urged anyone with information to contact them. The raid is the latest attempt to halt the rising numbers of cannabis farms throughout Britain.Around 1,500 plants were discovered on three floors of a house in Park Street, Oldham, last month. On the same day, police uncovered a cannabis factory containing 500 plants on Cavendish Way, Royton. And more than 400 cannabis plants were found at a house in Prestwich and 100 in Walkden.
Greater Manchester is among 19 forces taking part in Operation Keymer, set up to crack down on the criminal gangs that operate illegal factories. The crackdown follows the seizure of 6,000 cannabis plants and the arrest of 87 people during separate operations in Greater Manchester last year, Full Crackdown.........


'We can treat all information in the strictest of confidence'
July 30th 2007

400 cannabis plants were seized by police following a raid at a house. Officers had a warrant to search the house in Prestwich. Police said a quantity of electrical equipment, allegedly used to cultivate the cannabis, was also seized. Officers appealed for help from local communities to tackle drug-related crime.
Pc Andy Wright said: "To target this sort of crime we need the help of the local community. I would appeal to anyone who suspects that people are cultivating drugs in their local community to contact the police.
"We can treat all information in the strictest of confidence and any piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be the key to removing more drugs from the streets of Prestwich." A man has been remanded in custody after appearing before magistrates in Manchester charged with cultivating cannabis.


A total of 50 have been found in Greater Manchester since the start of 2007
July 27th 2007

Cannabis plants worth £100,000 have been found at a sophisticated drugs farm hidden inside a smart, detached family house. Police raided the three-bedroom home in Forton Avenue, Breightmet, after a tip-off. They discovered about 200 plants being cultivated under an elaborate system of lamps and fans.
The drug-growing operation had been set up in less than four weeks after the house was renovated and then let by the landlord.
Every window had been covered in plastic sheeting and the three upstairs bedrooms had been turned over to growing the drug.
A Vietnamese man in his 30s was arrested at the scene on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and is being questioned by police.
He was found asleep in a downstairs room when police smashed through a side door at 9.30am yesterday (Tuesday).
The house - No 1 Forton Avenue - is the fifth farm manufacturing high-strength "skunk" cannabis to be discovered in quiet Bolton streets in the last six months.
Sgt John Boyce said: "This house had been turned very quickly from a normal home in to a professional enterprise for growing cannabis.
"It's very likely that this was set up with money from organised crime and by people who are experienced at growing the drug.
"The man we have arrested is a foreign national. "It is more than likely he has been brought to this country with the promise of legitimate work only to lfind that he was obliged to work as a minder at this farm." Full Finds....

"We won't tolerate drug dealing or abuse in High Wycombe"
July 14th 2007

A cannabis factory has been discovered in West Wycombe Road - only a few hundred metres from a house which was found packed with the plants in March. Police seized around 500 plants when they searched the house at 10am yesterday morning. Officers were tipped off as a result of work between the community and Wycombe's Urban Neighbourhood Policing team. Around 400 plants were seized at another house in West Wycombe Road in March following reports of a disturbance. Sergeant Simon Johnson, who led the raid, said: "We won't tolerate drug dealing or abuse in High Wycombe but we need help from the public to identify where it is happening and who is involved.
"If you have information that can help police, please get in touch with us or Crimestoppers, no matter how insignificant you think it may be." More Dealing......

'hydrophobic equipment'?
July 13th 2007

Two people have been arrested after Fairwater Neighborhood Policing team uncovered two cannabis factories in the Gabalfa area. It followed information from the local community via 101 the non-emergency number. Officers executed a drug search warrant at a 3 bedroom semi-detached dwelling on Gabalfa Avenue in the morning on Wednesday 10th July and exposed a large cannabis factory. Every room was filled with plants being grown by hydrophobic equipment. Subsequently due to investigation, 2 individuals have been arrested in relation to the cannabis factory on Gabalfa Avenue. Later on in the day police received information about a house in Kemys Place where they uncovered 197 cannabis plants in a similar factory. Inquires are ongoing in relation to this cannabis factory.
Superintendent Carl Davies said:
We are extremely grateful for the information received from the public which has led to two very successful raids.
These factories are in your neighborhood and we urge members of communities to come forward and report suspicions
Anyone with information is urged to contact Fairwater Neighborhood Policing Team on 02121212920 222111, 101 non-emergency phone line or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 4411111.......


"We won't tolerate drug dealing or abuse"
July 11th 2007

Police seized around 500 plants when they searched the house at 10am yesterday morning. Officers were tipped off as a result of work between the community and Wycombe's Urban Neighbourhood Policing team. Around 400 plants were seized at another house in West Wycombe Road in March following reports of a disturbance. Sergeant Simon Johnson, who led the raid, said: "We won't tolerate drug dealing or abuse in High Wycombe but we need help from the public to identify where it is happening and who is involved. "If you have information that can help police, please get in touch with us or Crimestoppers, no matter how insignificant you think it may be."

One West Wycombe Road neighbour, who asked not to be named, told Midweek: "It's just a normal domestic house. "It's pretty much opposite the house they found another factory in a couple of months ago. "I walk my dogs past both those houses every single day.
"They don't look out of the ordinary at all. "You couldn't smell anything at all - but you can today now it's been opened up, it's very pungent."
Anyone who has information about drugs or suspects drug dealing in their area is asked to contact High Wycombe police station on 0856565656565655645 8 505 566565605 or, if you don't want to talk to police or give your name, call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555655565 111. Police have arrested a 39-year-old Vietnamese national on suspicion of cultivation and production of a class C drug with intent to supply. He is currently in custody at High Wycombe police station.


'a strong message'
July 4th 2007

Police have discovered up to 500 cannabis plants in a raid on a house in Stoke-on-Trent. The haul of Class-C drugs was found in a property at Tatton Street, Longton, at about 7pm yesterday. Two terrace houses had been knocked into one and the plants were said to have filled each room. Nobody has been arrested in connection with the find. Police say the electricity supplies had been bypassed to power the industrial scale growing operation. PC Tony Godwin, of South Eastern Neighbourhood Policing Unit, said: "We had had some information from members of the community which led us to the address. "It is an excellent find and we are pleased to have been able to take this off the streets. "It sends out a strong message not only to other offenders involved in drugs activity but also reassures the community that we are listening and taking action against such premises."


“This factory was a sophisticated operation.”
June 30th 2007

South Wales Police in Cardiff have recovered hundreds of cannabis plants as part of its campaign to take organised criminals and drugs off the streets. 501 plants, at varying stages of maturity and some as high as 4.5 feet tall, were found at a rented house in Clarence Embankment, Cardiff Bay, last Thursday 21st June. Police began the raid at lunchtime, 12.30pm and finished at 7pm, after a member of public rang them with the information. 15 officers from the Cardiff Bay Neighbourhood Policing Team, the Operational Support Team, and the Scenes of Crime Team took part in the operation to preserve the evidence and remove specialist equipment, electrical wiring, lighting equipment and ventilation systems. The cannabis plants filled five separate rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors of the 3-story end of terrace property, and are estimated to be worth tens of thousands of pounds. They have now been sent for analysis. Responsible for policing Cardiff Bay, Inspector Tony Bishop said, More.....


'a Vietnamese couple'
June 28th 2007

Police have discovered a cannabis farm inside a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Whitefield. Officers raided the property in Wingate Drive on Friday after receiving an anonymous tip-off. Around 150 plants at various stages of growth were discovered in three first-floor rooms which featured intricate lighting, ventilation and irrigation systems. The house's electricity meter had also been bypassed and free power was being fed directly from the mains. All the windows had been covered to help conceal the operation. It is understood the newly-renovated property was rented out for £600 per month in May to a Vietnamese couple who claimed they owned a restaurant. They changed the locks but only visited the house every other day, More Skullduggery....


"A rather large cannabis factory in a suburban Warwickshire"
June 28th 2007

A rather large cannabis factory in a suburban Warwickshire home was uncovered by police in an early morning drugs raid. It is thought the house - in a quiet residential area - had been used to cultivate about 250 cannabis plants for more than six years. Following a tip-off from a member of the public, nine officers raided the address in the Queensway area of Leamington at 7am yesterday. When they were let in to the house, they discovered the mature cannabis plants growing in the loft. The street value of the plants is put at more than £50,000. The loft was lined with reflective foil for insulation and high-powered lights acted as heaters. Following the raid, police officers spent more than three hours removing the plants, along with growing equipment and other drugs paraphernalia. Leamington south Safer Neighbourhood Team leader, Sergeant Andy Scruton, who led the drugs bust, said it was one the largest cannabis factories discovered in the town in recent years,
Full Horror.....


“There is no evidence to indicate you were dealing.”
June 27th 2007

When police raided a house in Caister near Great Yarmouth they found 23 cannabis plants being grown in the loft with a potential yield from the crop of £25,000 in a year, Norwich Crown Court heard yesterday.Michael Roe, 26, of Mavis John Road, Caister, admitted producing cannabis on January 25 this year.
Malcolm Robins, prosecuting, said 23 plants were found when police raided the house Roe's home. When arrested, Roe said the cannabis was for his own use and that he was a “heavy user”. The court heard he had previous convictions for dishonesty and one in 2001 for possessing cannabis. The sum of £165 was also seized by police. Andrew Oliver, defending, said Roe had since stopped using cannabis. He had smoked it in pipes without tobacco. He never sold any and smoked it all himself. He has kept out of trouble for six years. He was given a six month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months and told to do 200 hours unpaid work for the community. Recorder Ian Evans ordered the destruction of the drugs and paraphernalia and confiscation of the £165 which was found. Roe was also told to pay £192 towards the costs of the prosecution. Recorder Evans told Roe: “There is no evidence to indicate you were dealing.”



'two cannabis factories were removed '
June 26th 2007

Doncaster Police's award winning team continue to make an impact in tackling crime in the borough.
The team have dealt with 766 prisoners which are 133 more than in the last financial year. A further 333 people have been dealt with for example for report on summons or given fixed penalty notices, this figure is also up 231 people on the previous year.

The team have seized a total of £559,620 worth of stolen property and £274,589 worth of drugs recovered up £65,978 on the last year. They have also seized £72,199 in cash.
With 1099 arrests/process in the year this equates to 220 per officer over the last year.

Here are a few examples of the work this team have undertaken:
On the 4 July 2006 a male in a stolen Landcruiser taking drugs tried to drive off when officers approached him. CS gas was used, he was extracted from the vehicle and the stolen vehicle was worth £26,000. The team recovered a quantity of drugs and the male was arrested and charged.
In June 2006 whilst searching a house for a wanted male, the male was found secreted in the inspection hatch for the drains, under the man hole cover in the garden.
In October 2006 a male failed to stop straight away for Police in the Balby area, then just prior to stopping threw a quantity of drugs from the vehicle. A search was made with a drugs detection dog and £320 worth of crack cocaine was recovered the male was arrested and charged.

November 2006 saw a male driving erratically and racing other vehicles in the Hyde Park area. The team followed the vehicle causing it to stop and found in excess of £50,000 cash in a carrier bag in the footwell. The male was arrested on suspicion of money laundering.
In February 2007 two cannabis factories were removed from two houses in the town moor area where the houses had been converted into green houses and given over to the exclusive purpose of growing cannabis plant. Over £250,000 worth of cannabis was recovered in just these two addresses.
In May 2007 a search warrant was executed in Dunscroft and a DVD copy factory was recovered from a dwelling with over £5,500 worth of fake and counterfeit DVD's being recovered, a male was arrested.
Doncaster District Commander, Graham Cassidy said, "These are superb figures for Doncaster Police. Sergeant Geordie Mackell's team have worked hard and gained some excellent results. There is no doubt that this team have helped make the streets of Doncaster safer."


' intelligence from the public'
June 23rd 2007

Around £1,000 in cash and 40 cannabis plants were seized by police during a raid on a home in the Comeytrowe area of Taunton.Officers executed a warrant at the house in Burches Close on Wednesday morning following a tip off from a member of the public. Two people were arrested - a man in his 30s was released on police bail pending further enquiries and a woman in her 20s was released without charge.
Sgt Dave Butter said: "This was a very successful operation. "It demonstrates our commitment to stopping this kind of illegal activity and following up on intelligence from the public."


'to have assets seized following a court hearing'
June 22nd 2007

A washing machine repair chap who grew cannabis and benefited to the tune of £15,750 has had just over a tenth of that amount seized by the court. Christopher Lambert, 30, was at York Crown Court yesterday to have assets seized following a court hearing before Christmas in which he pleaded guilty to possessing and growing cannabis. At the time he was given a six- month prison sentence suspended for two years and told he would have some of his assets seized. But York Crown Court was told yesterday his only asset was a motorbike. It was not in a condition fit for sale although it was worth around £1,680. Judge Paul Hoffman told Lambert, who lives in Brunswick Street, York, he must pay that amount within six months. Judge Hoffman said: "That's plenty of time to find that money by honest means." More Stripping...


'eight months in a young offenders' institution '
June 21st 2007

A VIETNAMESE chap was locked up for being involved in producing cannabis at a 'factory' in Pontypool. Duc Nguyen, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant from Vietnam, was sentenced to eight months in a young offenders' institution after pleading guilty to being involved in the production of cannabis. Cardiff crown court heard that the factory was discovered when an alert police officer was amazed when he smelt cannabis as he walked along a street. PC Scott Thomas was also surprised to see the curtains moving even though the windows were closed.
A search warrant was obtained and a "cannabis factory" was revealed on April 4 with more than 300 plants growing on two floors.
Nguyen had been recruited in London and sent to the house in Machine Meadow, Pontnewynydd, to tend the plants, said prosecutor Roger Griffiths, Full Offence....


' cannabis factory in the New Forest '
June 21st 2007

More than 50 cannabis plants and other drugs production equipment were seized when police swooped on the premises near Fordingbridge this morning.
Eleven officers and one drugs sniffer dog took part in the raid. They uncovered sophisticated equipment used to grow cannabis at the industrial premises at Courtwood Farm in Sandleheath.
They are describing what they found as a medium-sized operation.
Two men were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the production of cannabis and are currently in police custody. They are a 63-year-old man from Bournemouth and a 38-year-old man from Poole.


"Merseyside Police treats all drug production, cultivation and supply seriously. "
June 20th 2007

Police have uncovered a cannabis farm in Wallasey following information supplied from the local community. A large quantity of sophisticated cannabis growing equipment was seized at an address on Monday together with what is believed to be over 400 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of £25,000. A 28-year-old man from the Wallasey area has been arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis. HHe is currently being held in a police station in Merseyside, where he is being questioned. Neighbourhood Inspector Ian Shaw said: "Merseyside Police treats all drug production, cultivation and supply seriously. "This is a significant seizure and local people should be reassured that we will act on any information we receive about drugs misuse, take out warrants and bring offenders before the courts."


'a sudden electrical surge'
June 20th 2007

A cannabis factory was last week discovered in the heart of Chard town centre. The alarm was raised at just before 7.30pm on Thursday when two fire crews from Chard Fire Station were called to reports of a blaze within a rented industrial unit in East Street. The fire and damage was contained to electrical equipment including a computer and printer and it was out by the time officers attended.
The incident had been caused by a sudden electrical surge and Western Power engineers were called to the scene to isolate the power to the building. But on investigation it was discovered that the industrial unit was being used as a cannabis factory and some 60 plants were found inside. PC Nick Cowlam, of Avon and Somerset Police, said that cannabis factory operations needed huge sources of electricity to power the sophisticated lighting and hydroponic systems which enable the plants to grow quickly Full Surge....


'Police are now trying to trace the owner'
June 19th 2007

Police are investigating a fire at a house which they suspect was being used as cannabis factory. Firefighters were called to the blaze in Pheasantford Street on Thursday morning and found it well alight. It is not known how the fire was started but police found a cannabis factory on the first floor of the property, which was left badly damaged by the fire. Police are now trying to trace the owner.


'A joint investigation'
June 18th 2007

A cannabis plantation caught fire at a house in Westcliff. Firefighters were called to a blaze in a terraced house in Brightwell Avenue just before 9am on Saturday morning. The ground floor of the house was ablaze. Essex Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Martin Pullen said: "The origin of the fire was at the back of the property on the ground floor. "Crews were confronted with a small cannabis plantation on fire.
"Firefighters contained the fire and stoped it spreading to the adjoining houses." A joint investigation by the fire service and Essex Police has been launched.


'living in squalour'
Maidenhead UK
June 15th 2007

He was found living in squalour in a semi in Courthouse Road which had been transformed into a cannabis factory. A police raid uncovered 285 mature cannabis plants and 431 cuttings. Prosecutor Paul Harrison said Chen, a Chinese national, had been smuggled into Britain in the back of a lorry eight years ago and had an asylum application turned down in 2000. When police went into the house, Chen was sleeping on the floor in a 3ft by 6ft room in ‘squalid’ conditions. The court heard the mature plants could have produced 18kg of strong skunk cannabis with a street value of more than £100,000. Mr Harrison said: “An expert said this farm could have produced an annual yield of cannabis of nearly 54kg and that amount sold on the street would have a value of £300,000.” Defence barrister Christopher Blake said Chen had been trying to earn money doing casual work but found himself homeless in Chinatown, London, with no money. Mr Blake said: “He was approached and given the possibility of work minding this house in Maidenhead where cannabis was grown.” “He has been used. These people who embark on growing cannabis know that there are a number of desperate people out there.” The court heard Chen was ‘fearful’ of going back to China and had come to this country to escape poverty, Full Squalour.....


'looked after the 596 plants – worth an estimated £100,000'
June 15th 2007

A PAYMASTER and a live-in gardener growing cannabis in a city house have been found guilty of cultivating the drug.
Chan Tang (45) and Cong Tran (26) were both part of a gang running the cannabis factory in Thurning Avenue, Stanground. Tang, a mother-of-three, from Highgate, London, was the paymaster and recruiter for the factory, ferrying wages to farmers to the house.
When she was arrested by police in November last year she had unpaid bills for the property hidden in her shoe. At Peterborough Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Duncan O’Donnell said: “She admitted that she had been involved in the house which was a cannabis factory since August, and she has admitted knowing it was a cannabis factory – though she says she found out only a few days earlier.”
Tran, an illegal immigrant from Vietnam, lived in the house and looked after the 596 plants – worth an estimated £100,000 – growing there.
He had claimed he worked there as a cleaner, and did not know cannabis was growing in the house, but it took the jury took just over one hour to decide he had a bigger role in the operation.
Judge Nicholas Coleman told the pair after the jury returned their verdict: “A prison sentence is inevitable, the only question is how long it will be.”
They will be sentenced on Friday alongside Phoung Nguyen (29) who pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis at an earlier hearing.

'oh no, not again'
June 14th 2007

Stephen Hill, who has a suspended prison sentence hanging over his head for growing 200 cannabis plants last summer, has been busy cultivating more of the drug in an outbuilding at his home at Green Bank, Swaffham Bulbeck. The 57-year-old, said to have a heavy cannabis habit, was caught red-handed when police raided again last week. More than 160 plants, at various stages of growth, were discovered growing in a shed at the large, detached premises, equipped with specialised lighting and watering systems. And herbal cannabis was found in the house.
Hill, who runs the Natural store in Mill Road, Cambridge - which, quite legally, sells cannabis seeds and books on how to grow the drug - admitted a new charge of cultivation and one of possession when he appeared before city magistrates.
He was committed to the crown court for sentence, where, in March, the shopkeeper was handed a 10-month prison term, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to do 180 hours' unpaid community work. He had admitted growing the crop at the house last summer, and possession with intent to supply.
In the raid last August, the 200 plants were found growing in a sophisticated operation set up in two outbuildings, while parts of Hill's home were dedicated to drying them. A dehumidifier was found along with plants hanging from washing lines and in boxes. The crop was estimated to have topped one-and-a-half kilos.


'£500,000 worth of cannabis plants'
June 9th 2007

A collection of £500,000 worth of cannabis plants during police raids this week is thought to be the largest ever in the county. Detectives who smashed a drugs ring operating across five addresses in villages close to Corby and Kettering discovered around 4,000 plants in the plush rented homes. Yesterday, prosecutors at the first court hearing of five Chinese immigrants arrested during Wednesday's raids, placed the value of the drugs at half-a-million pounds – five times the initial estimated figure. In March, a similar-sized operation at a drugs factory in George's Street, Northampton, was discovered although Northamptonshire Police have not yet placed a value on the three to four thousand plants seized there. The five men accused of growing the cannabis that sparked this week's operation appeared before magistrates in Corby yesterday to answer charges of growing plants of genus cannabis for cultivation, Full Collection....


"This will have a major impact on the supply of drugs in the town and further afield.
June 7th 2007

Police uncovered a major cannabis factory in Chatteris today morning when they raided a car workshop on the hunt for drugs. They found five first-floor rooms inside Unit 11 on the Honeysome Industrial Estate, on the outskirts of the town, which were being used for the production of cannabis. March sector commander, Inspector Robin Sissons, who led the raid, said: "This is a significant find. It was a cultivation that was going to be expanded and they had the location and the means to make this a significant production unit. "This will have a major impact on the supply of drugs in the town and further afield. "In one room we found mature plants ready to be sold, we found two rooms where seedlings are growing, and we found a further two rooms where the equipment has just been installed ready for more plants to be grown. "And, on the other side of the warehouse, work had started on building more rooms to grow more plants."
The warehouse, the former site of the Renoak business run by former European Champion boxer Dave 'Boy' Green, is currently being used as a car workshop. A man at the warehouse was arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis, and taken to Wisbech Police Station for questioning. Police think the car warehouse and the cannabis operation were linked. Insp Sissons said: "They are building all the equipment in the shop because they have all the dimensions and materials they need." Police also raided a home in New Road, Chatteris, which police say is worth in the region of £260,000, and arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of possessing cannabis. They also seized a quantity of cash from the home, which was kept in the bottom of a wardrobe, Full Supply.....

'broadcast live by a hovering news helicopter'
June 6th 2007

A 5th 'cannabis factory' has been shut down in two months say police. The raid took place at 11am today on a house in Coombfield Drive, Darenth. Broadcast live by a hovering news helicopter, police officers forced their way into the semi-detached house and discovered £10,000 of hydroponic equipment. The electriciy meter had also been bypassed. Between 400 and 500 semi-mature plants were found growing in two bedrooms and a lounge, with a street value of around £48,000. This is the fifth successful raid for North Kent police since April, after operations on houses in Littlebrook Manor Way, in Dartford, High Street, in Swanscombe, Tynedale Close, in Dartford and Hillhouse Road, in Stone. PC Adrian Parsons, the force's drugs and licensing officer, said: "This is the fifth cannabis house to be closed down in North Kent since April and our second in a week, More.....


'uncovered a series of cannabis farms across the town'
June 6th 2007

A VIETNAMESE drugs cartel have been jailed for their part in an organised cannabis growing business. Tam Cao, 27, Tan Troung, 46, and Bang Pham, 24, all received prison terms for their part in cultivating drugs at houses across town. Lee Thi Nguyen, a 37-year-old mother of two young children, received a suspended sentence, while all four, who are illegal immigrants, have also been recommended for deportation.
James Patrick, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court that in the summer of last year police uncovered a series of cannabis farms across the town. Private rented houses had been converted to grow the plants indoors. He said the first property was found in Okebourne Park, in Liden, on July 22 when they were called out on another matter.
Raids then took place at a number of houses, including ones in Haydon Street, Alexandra Road, Read Street, County Road, Broome Manor Lane and Edgar Row Close, Wroughton.
Troung was found living at the Wroughton address. Cao's fingerprints were found at three of the other properties and Pham's were found at the Haydon Street house. Mr Patrick said Lee Thi Nguyen was a look-out, Troung a farmer, and Cao helped set up the farms. He said the other two were hard to place but had been involved in getting the property and were not at the bottom of the scale. Lee Thi Nguyen, of Padstow Road, and Troung, of Edgar Row Close, admitted the cultivation of cannabis on the first day of the trial. Bang Pham, of Read Street, and Binh Nguyen, of Padstow Road, admitted similar charges and Cao, also of Padstow Road, was found guilty at trial, Full Trial.....


'Residents will benefit from a better quality of life'
June 5th 2007

Residents in living in a street in the Oughtibridge area of Sheffield will benefit from a better quality of life thanks to a successful drug warrant carried out by local police.
Local police from the Hillsborough and Upperthorpe Safer Neighbourhood team executed a drug raid on Friday 25 May 2007 at an address on Burton Lane in the Oughtibridge area of the city.
At the address an amount of what is believed to be cannabis was recovered, along with a small quantity of white powder and a quantity of pills. Police have since arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis and possession of class A drugs, he has since been bailed pending further enquiries until next month.
Inspector Phil Barraclough from the Hillsborough and Upperthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "We are continually taking positive action to tackle this type of crime and we are continuing to respond to the concerns of residents living within our communities. By carrying out drug raids like these it enables us to improve the quality of life for other people living within our communities."


'noticed a strange smell'
June 5th 2007

A warrant was executed on the house in Littlebrook Manor Way, Dartford, after officers on patrol noticed a strange smell coming from the three-bedroom terraced property. Further investigation revealed the electricity meter has also been bypassed. The raid, which took place at 10am on May 30, saw a total of 140 semi-mature cannabis plants seized and a large quantity of leaves, which had been harvested and were drying. Specialist lighting and heating equipment were also confiscated although no arrests have yet been made in relation to the raid. The find is the fourth to have been made in north Kent since April. The other properties raided were in High Street, Swanscombe, Tynedale Close, Dartford and Hillhouse Road, Stone.


'a wall-to-wall in a high intensity factory-style operation'
June 4th 2007

900-hundred plant cannabis factory crammed into a Little Common maisonette was raided as a result of what police describe as "good community intelligence work".
Officers executing a search warrant entered the first and second floor premises at the junction of Cooden Sea Road and Meads Road early on Tuesday. They found a fully-equipped hydroponics factory.
Inspector Martin Mann said 500 mature plants had been found growing under an elaborate lighting and heating system. A further 400 younger plants were also being grown. The find is the eighth cannabis factory to be raided in Bexhill so far this year.
In all, five small rooms were crammed wall-to-wall in a high intensity factory-style operation. The methods used followed closely on those in drug-growing operations discovered in De La Warr Road, Sidley Street (three), Havelock Road, Fairmount Road and Sutherland Avenue.
Electrical switchboards had been made up to control the lighting/heating system. The bathroom was filled with plastic containers filled with exotic plant fertiliser. Inspector Mann said the raid resulted from good community intelligence work by local Police Community Support Officer Rachel Streeter. At the scene, PCSO Streeter said: "It came from talking around in the community. I think there had been work going on here for some time, More Plants....


'he was jailed for four years'
May 28th 2007

A man and his partner linked to a large-scale cannabis distribution operation won a cut in his "manifestly excessive" jail term at London's Court of Appeal on Wednesday. Ian Davis of the Lockwood Road Yorkshire United Kingdom pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court in September 2006 to counts of conspiracy to supply cannabis and cannabis resin. He was jailed for four years, along with a number of other gang members. On Wednesday judges at London's Court of Appeal cut the sentence to three years, after hearing a co-accused had won a similar, one-year, discount in his sentence. Mrs Justice Cox, sitting with Lord Justice Laws and Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith, said that Davis had been sentenced on the basis that he had played a lesser role than his co-accused, and the difference between their jail terms must remain. The court heard Davis – who had a number of previous convictions including one for possession of cannabis – was arrested following a surveillance operation in July 2004, in which around £216,000 in cash was seized near the Bumble Bee pub in Coniston Road, Flitwick. The money had high levels of cannabis contamination. Raids at a property in Lockwood Road, followed and cannabis resin and cannabis were found. It had an estimated street value of between £500,000 and £670,000. Mrs Justice Cox said Davis's fingerprints were found at the Amhurst Court property, and he was in charge of the "day to day running" of what was a "major distribution centre". She said mobile telephone evidence also suggested Davis's involvement.


'landlord had concerns something wasn't right'
May 26th 2007

A landlord has been praised after alerting police that the house in Oxford he was renting out was being used as a cannabis factory. The landlord of the house in Harcourt Terrace, Headington, visited his property at 8pm on Thursday to discover more than 200 mature and young cannabis plants being cultivated.
Southern Electric engineers called at the house earlier today and made sure it was safe before officers seized the plants. No arrests have been made so far.
Sgt Graham Pink, of Oxford Police, said: "This landlord had concerns something wasn't right, and went in person to visit the house, uncovered this set up and called us about it.
"He did exactly the right thing and we urge other landlords to make certain their properties aren't being used for criminal operations.
"This is an issue that Thames Valley Police is taking very seriously, but we are reliant on public support to stop these factories becoming established and operating in the Oxford area, Full Concern....

'This activity demonstrates the importance of enforcement operations'
May 26th 2007

Bradford's drug market has taken a hit this week following a series of operations by the area's Drug Team. Officers have carried out operations over the last five days resulting in three arrests and the discovery of three suspected cannabis factories.
This activity demonstrates the importance of enforcement operations in disrupting drug dealing and associated crime. Its supports a range of education and treatment activities taking place throughout the county this week as part of the national Tackling Drugs, Changing Lives campaign. As part of the initiative, West Yorkshire Police officers have been working alongside partner agencies throughout the county to increase drugs awareness and show what is being done to tackle drug related issues.

Suspected cannabis factories have been found at addresses in the Bierley, Bolton and Heaton areas, resulting in a large amount of suspected plants having been seized.
A 39 year old man from Leeds was arrested on Monday on suspicion of the production of cannabis, he has been interviewed by officers and released on bail pending further enquiries.
A man in his 20s was arrested this morning on suspicion of the production of cannabis, he is currently in custody.

The divisions in Bradford are dedicated to tackling all drugs and the Drugs Team carried out an operation in the Wrose area on Thursday. A 21 year old man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs and suspected heroin and crack cocaine were recovered. The man has been released on bail pending further enquiries.
Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Allan Doherty, the drug's lead for Bradford, said :"These arrests build on the excellent results from last year, with a record number of class A drug dealers arrested.
"The team is jointly funded by West Yorkshire Police and Bradford City Council who work closely together to reduce the harm that drugs cause to communities across the district.

' farm buildings on Kirk Lane, Sykehouse'
May 23rd 2007

On Tuesday 24 April 2007, following a small fire at some farm buildings on Kirk Lane, Sykehouse, Yorkshire Electricity officials and police officers attended the property and found that the electricity supply had been tampered with to power illegal cannabis cultivation.
It appears that the owner of the farm had rented several buildings and the tenants had used 4 stable blocks to cultivate approximately 750 illegal cannabis plants. Officers found substantial amounts of equipment used to grow the cannabis and initial estimates were that they may have been approximately £1,000,000 worth.
An operation involving Scenes of Crime, tasking and patrol officers was carried out to recover the equipment and cannabis, and to make the buildings safe.
Inspector Neil Thomas said, "This was a large scale cannabis cultivation which was no doubt bound for the streets of Doncaster. This seizure is another success for South Yorkshire Police and evidence of our continued drive against illegal drugs."
An investigation is underway and anyone with any information is asked to contact South Yorkshire Police on 011422 90 20 quoting incident number 878 of the 24 April 2007.

Industrial-size cannabis farm discovered
May 23rd 2007

A "HIGHLY effective, industrial scale'' cannabis farm was uncovered in raids on Teesside, it emerged today.
Forensic examination of the premises - a former probation service headquarters in Middlesbrough - will continue over the coming days and a police guard will remain at the scene. Immigration officers have joined the investigations following the arrest of three oriental men, following the raid of the former probation offices in Douglas Street. It has been revealed that eight other people were following swoops on ten other addresses across Middlesbrough, yesterday. Offences involved money laundering, being concerned in the production and supply of controlled drugs and immigration offences.



'A detailed forensic search is under way'
May 20th 2007

A landlord is in shock and facing a costly clean-up bill after two semi-detached houses in a leafy Wolverhampton suburb were turned into a cannabis factory. Police discovered almost 1,000 of the illegal plants at the homes in Penn while carrying out routine business on an unrelated matter. They found that the properties in Wynchcombe Avenue had been converted to produce the drug despite all outward appearances of normality. The houses are well-kept with paved driveways and clean exteriors. They look in-keeping with the surrounding houses in the quiet suburban street. Sgt Tony Price said: “There was a comprehensive cannabis set-up in most of the rooms of both of the houses, including the lofts. “Electricity had been diverted from the mains to power heating and ventilation systems.” Full Search...


'Staggering' drugs farm find leads to jail terms
May 20th 2007

6 chaps were starting prison sentences last night after police broke up a £300,000 drugs operation based in a quiet village. The six, including four illegal Vietnamese immigrants, were sentenced to a total of ten years in jail for their part in running a £300,000 skunk cannabis farm.
All had admitted offences of being concerned in the production of cannabis, a controlled drug, at an earlier hearing at Teesside Crown Court.
They were caught almost accidentally in November when police went to 44-year-old Garry Noble's farm in Goosecroft Lane, East Harlsey, near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, to help Revenue and Customs officials with a revenue inquiry. What they found took them by surprise -a large turkey shed at the farm that had been kitted-out for the large-scale commercial production of skunk cannabis.
Officers found 2,800 plants, with a street value of £300,000, at various stages of growth, and evidence of a professional operation to grow cannabis at 44-year-old Gary Hutchinson's farm at Londonderry, near Bedale. There, they found the remains of a lighting and irrigation system. Hutchinson had relocated to Noble's farm at East Harlsey, taking a lot of his equipment with him, Full Horror.....


'charged with cultivation of cannabis'
May 17th 2007

Hundreds of cannabis plants were seized and eight people were arrested after a series of drugs raids in Oxford. The five raids, which were all unconnected, took place throughout Tuesday in locations across the city. Two-hundred and fifty cannabis plants were seized from a house in Cowley Road, and ten at a property in Barracks Lane, Cowley. And two ounces of what is believed to be crack cocaine was seized at a property in Radcliffe Road in East Oxford. Mark Walls, 31, of Barracks Lane, has been charged with cultivation of cannabis, another was arrested on an outstanding crown court warrant and five men and a woman were arrested at the property in Radcliffe


The whole house, except the living room, was rigged up for cannabis production.
May 16th 2007

2 more cannabis factories have been found at suburban houses in Coventry.
Police raided a house in Daventry Road, Cheylesmore, and found about 200 cannabis plants and sophisticated growing equipment, including high powered lights.
The whole house, except the living room, was rigged up for cannabis production.
The plants were not very mature, but could be worth several thousand pounds. It is believed the property had been let to Chinese students. It is not thought anyone was living there permanently, although it is understood people would regularly visit the house. Police said the find could be linked to the discovery of a cannabis factory in Washbrook Lane, Allesley, in January, when about 750 plants, worth an estimated £500,000, were uncovered by detectives.
After raiding the house in Daventry Road at about 1pm on Monday, detectives went to a house in Kenpas Highway, Styvechale, where a large amount of drug cultivating equipment was found, Full Production.......


'any suspicious activity in properties near them'
May 15th 2007

Few people ever gave a second look to the block of flats in St Peter's Street, Huddersfield. There was nothing unusual to point it out from the surrounding properties. So it was a major surprise when police raided the town centre building. Inside, they found a huge cannabis factory, with 750 plants growing in many of the rooms. A canopy of lights and a watering system had been set up to tend the plants. Police estimated that the drugs haul had a street value of £250,000. "We had no idea this was going on," said a shocked neighbour, who asked not to be identified. Five men found inside the house were arrested and three of them were later remanded in custody, charged with conspiracy to produce cannabis. Cannabis cultivation is booming in Britain, with production sites being raided at the rate of at least three a day over the last six months. More than 1,500 cannabis farms have been closed down in London alone in the last two years, three times the amount shut down between 2003-2005. The research, published by the charity DrugScope, reveals the staggering growth. Just 10 years ago, only 11% of cannabis sold in the UK was grown here. That figure now stands at 60%. Police say that 80% of farms have more than 50 plants, with an average of 400 plants recovered per raid. Most set-ups are using simple growing systems - overhead lights, fans and plant pots - with fewer than one in 10 farms using more expensive and technical systems, More Suspicions.....



'plants are capable of producing drugs'
May 14th 2007

Police found more than 280 cannabis plants, as well as lighting and cultivating equipment, at a house in Gainsborough Road, New Malden, at 8.30am on April 30. The plants are capable of producing drugs with a street value over £1m each year. So far no arrests have been made and police inquiries are ongoing. It is the latest alleged drugs factory to be found in the area. Ten days earlier, 17-year-old Vietnamese Cong Phuong Nguyen was killed when a cannabis factory at a house in Van Dyck Avenue, New Malden caught fire. Police are still trying to trace others who fled the fire.


Cannabis factory raids lead to charges
May 13th 2007

A Portchester man has been charged in connection with a major investigation targeting a network of cannabis factories across the south of England. Van Tuyen Nguyen, 40, of The Crossway, is charged with conspiracy to produce cannabis and was remanded in custody. A further 11 people – most from either London or Southampton – have been charged as part of the operation, codenamed Elmer. When police officers raided the home on Wednesday they discovered rooms full of cannabis plants. The house was one of 20 properties raided in Southampton, Bournemouth, Swanage and London, during the operation, which included about 300 Hampshire officers and 100 more from the Metropolitan Police. The co-ordinated raids were the culmination of an 18-month investigation to track down the masterminds behind a rash of cases involving locally-grown cannabis. All 12 people were due to appear at Southampton Magistrates' Court this morning. Another four men and two women have been released on police bail pending further inquiries. And two men and two women arrested on suspicion of immigration offences have all been dealt with by the Immigration Service. Three of the four were found to be working illegally in a nail bar in the Southampton area.


Wakefield Magistrates Court
May 10th 2007

Two men and a woman have been charged with the production of cannabis following the execution of a search warrant at an address in the centre of Wakefield on 2nd May. Almost 300 cannabis plants were recovered from the property. The three people charged were due to appear at Wakefield Magistrates Court yesterday. One further man arrested in connection with the enquiry has been released on police bail pending further enquiries.


No-one was at the home
May 10th 2007

Police last night uncovered a cannabis factory at a house in Bradville. Scenes of crimes officers are expected to spend the rest of the day (Wednesday) collecting evidence at the house in Mercers Drive. Officers went to the house at 9.40pm after a member of the public became concerned for the resident. Police attended and discovered up to 200 plants. No-one was at the home. Scenes of Crime Officers are at the three-bedroom semi detached home conducting a full search. It is expected the search will continue throughout the day.


Drug suspects in court over cannabis haul
May 8th 2007

Durham: A gang of suspected drug dealers accused of growing cannabis plants worth more than £1.5 million were set to appear in court today. Twelve men were arrested in a series of raids as more than 30 detectives swooped on a converted barn and three houses in towns and villages across County Durham last week.


'cannabis with a street value of £1.5 million was seized'
May 4th 2007

Eleven suspected drug dealers, believed to be Vietnamese, have been arrested after cannabis with a street value of £1.5 million was seized in a series of raids. All of the suspects, plus another from eastern Europe, are in their late teens or early 20s. More than 30 detectives, backed by uniformed colleagues, swooped on a converted barn and three houses in towns and villages across County Durham as part of a pre-planned operation. They recovered around 1,000 cannabis plants from a converted barn in Lanchester and up to 800 more from a three-storey house in Sacriston and a terraced house in Bowburn. Another semi-detached house was also raided in the Ushaw Moor area and all four properties were sealed off in the wake of Thursday night's raids. Cash and vehicles were also seized in the raids. The 12 men were all arrested on suspicion of cultivating or possessing cannabis and are being questioned by detectives at police stations across the Durham police force area.
A force spokesman said: "Cannabis plants with a street value estimated to be in excess of £1.5 million were seized by police in a series of late night raids. "A dozen men, in their late teens and early 20s, were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the cultivation, possession or supply of cannabis. "The men, one from eastern Europe and the remainder, believed to be from Vietnam or of East Asian origin were taken to police stations where they are being held for questioning."


'conspiring to supply drugs and cultivating cannabis'
May 4th 2007

More than 10 people have been arrested in Norwich in the last two week for conspiring to supply drugs and cultivating cannabis. Police have arrested 11 people after raids on seven properties across the city in areas including the Heartsease estate, Earlham, Mile Cross, Bowthorpe, and Hellesdon. Four of the properties were being used as cannabis factories where every room was given over to the cultivation of the plants. At the other three properties raided, police found smaller quantities of plants being cultivated. In one instance a loft room had been used to set up a hydroponics system and in another seeds were being grown in a bedroom. A total of about 2,000 cannabis plants at various stages of growth, a quantity of seeds and paraphernalia including scales and hydroponics systems have been seized. All the persons arrested were brought to Bethel Street Police Station in Norwich and questioned, Full Conspiracy....


'these cannabis factories are elaborate operations'
May 4th 2007

Police have raided a cannabis factory which could have produced more than £200,000 worth of the drug every year. Officers from Bromley police's CID task force used a search warrant at a semi-detached house in Anerley Park, Penge, at 12.30pm on April 30. One upstairs room was already set up to grow cannabis and contained 311 cannabis plants along with the mother plants, from which cuttings had been taken.
Police estimate the room could have produced cannabis worth £46,650 every 12 weeks. Four of the rooms were in the process of being set up to produce cannabis and contained equipment such as plastic sheeting, ventilation systems, lighting systems and fans worth more than £14,000. Detective Sergeant Gary Gornell, who led the raid, said: "The successes we have had recently in disrupting what are very sophisticated cannabis production set-ups are due in no small part to members of the public who have contacted us with their suspicions.
advertisement "These cannabis factories are elaborate operations and are not something which can be set up and run in a residential street without them coming to the attention of people living and working in the area." Full Operations.....


'we are grateful to information received'
May 4th 2007

Hundreds of cannabis plants have been discovered in a house following a tip-off to police in Northamptonshire. More than 300 plants were found in four rooms in the property in Dalkeith Road, Wellingborough, on Wednesday night. Police said chemicals were also seized and a forensic examination of the scene is taking place. Det Insp Andy Nichols said: "This is a significant find and once again we are grateful to information received from a member of the public."


'yet another cannabis 'factory' in Oxford'
May 3rd 2007

Police found yet another cannabis 'factory' in Oxford yesterday. Officers raided a house in Druce Way, Blackbird Leys, shortly after 9am following a tip-off from neighbours. They found 244 mature plants. It is the 16th factory discovered in the city since January 1. It is estimated that so far this year, the value of plants seized has been £1.74m, and if left undisturbed to be harvested over a year, the drugs would have fetched £7m. After smashing down the door, officers were confronted with four rooms full of mature cannabis plants.
No-one was in the property. A forensic team was called in to search the home for evidence. Windows in the three-bedroom semi-detached had been blacked out with plastic sheeting and only three rooms were habitable. Police officers called in engineers from Southern Electric to make the property safe after they found growers had illegally rerouted the mains - to avoid detection and paying for power, Full Find....


This was the biggest cannabis factory find in the South East
May 3rd 2007

A man who grew marijuana plants in Kent at what police believe was the UK's biggest cannabis factory has been jailed. Stephen Rochester cultivated more than 4,000 of the plants at a 20,000 square-foot warehouse on an industrial estate in Ramsgate. The street value of the plants was valued at between £1.9m and £2.5m, Canterbury Crown Court heard. Rochester, 60, of Cliffsend Grove, and another man, Dennis Murphy, 40, of Frazier Street, south London, admitted cultivating cannabis. The drugs factory was raided on May 8 last year.
Rochester was jailed for four years and nine months while Murphy received a nine-month suspended sentence and 120 hours' community service. Detective Chief Inspector Rob Vinson of Kent Police said: "This was the biggest cannabis factory find in the South East and possibly the country and its discovery has made a major dent in the drugs supply in Thanet and possibly in the South East. "We have seen an increase in cannabis factories and the clear message to anyone who gets involved in the cultivation of drugs is 'be prepared to go to prison'."


'roof top grow'
May 1st 2007

Two youths ran across a town centre roof in Leominster with a large box of cannabis plants, police said today. Youths believed to be in their teens were spotted by residents at about 5pm yesterday. They were above an address in West Street and were apparently holding a large box filled with plants. Police later discovered cannabis worth thousands of pounds at the same address. The youths escaped the scene.
Police spokesman Neil Tipton said: “The incident started when we received a call to say two individuals were acting in a suspicious manner on a roof in West Street. They had run off by the time officers arrived. “Officers went on to the roof and found a box full of what turned out to be cannabis plants. The plants were in a box that was perched on a chimney pot. We were able to recover the box, with the help of the fire brigade.“We made further investigations and found a room full of cannabis plants, as well as growing equipment.” More...

'keen to talk to anyone who knows where he lives now'
April 30th 2007

A Staines cannabis factory suspect has been named, as police make efforts to trace him. More than 100 high-strength 'skunk' plants were found growing in a converted garage in Riverside, in April. Now police say they want to talk to Geoffrey Beere, from Riverside. He is believed to drive a silver Volvo and police are keen to talk to anyone who knows where he lives now. Inspector Roger Nield, of Surrey Police, said: "There was clearly a commercical enterprise in operation at this premises. "The plants have now been safely removed from the community."Anyone with information should contact police on 0945 125 2222

'two houses in Mount Pleasant Road, Brondesbury'
April 27th 2007

Thousands of pounds of drugs were seized during an early morning raid in a leafy area of north west London. About 1,000 cannabis plants were seized from two houses in Mount Pleasant Road, Brondesbury, this morning as police forced their way into the homes. Around 40 officers were involved in the raid including the tactical support group and a helicopter circling overhead. The drugs are thought to have a street value of £150,000 and were only discovered by the Brondesbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team through the smell coming from the houses. No arrests were made but equipment and drugs have been taken and will now be destroyed.


'A member of the public '
April 25th 2007

Police today disclosed that they raided a house in The Slade, Headington, and seized 187 cannabis plants. A member of the public called the police at 9.40pm on Saturday because he believed the property was being used to cultivate the drug. After the house was secured, engineers from Southern Electric made the property safe and forensic officers started their investigation on Sunday morning. A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "The operation seems to have been untended for some time as the plants were dying and dried out. No arrests have been made." Headington area's Sgt Yak Teladia said: "We would like to thank the public for helping us to close down these illegal and dangerous operations, which are a fire hazard to neighbouring homes. It also means a large amount of cannabis has not made it on to the streets." Anyone with information about this seizure can contact Sgt Teladia via the Police Enquiry Centre on 0845 9 505 505.

'1,000 cannabis plants in a disused pub in Highgate'
April 25th 2007

More than 1,000 cannabis plants have been discovered in a disused pub in Highgate, Birmingham. West Midlands Police said the find, during a raid on Tuesday afternoon, was one of the region's biggest seizures. The plants were being grown under artificial light, often using power stolen from the National Grid. The profits from the drugs produced by the plants could be well over £100,000 every eight weeks, officers said. Two men have been arrested. Police warned there could be as many as 300 similar factories operating secretly across the region.


'likely to lead to their arrest and prosecution'
April 24th 2007

More than 250 cannabis plants have been seized from a house in Norwich following a raid as part of a police campaign to clamp down on drugs factories. A 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug following the raid in the city's Pilling Park area on Thursday. He was questioned at Bethel Street Police Station in Norwich and released on police bail pending further enquiries. Officers were alerted to suspicious signs from the property and found evidence of organised cultivation, with high-power lamps and other equipment. Most of the specimens were small young plants. Sgt Geoff Bowers said: “People who engage in the cultivation of cannabis are involved in a criminal enterprise that is likely to lead to their arrest and prosecution, but we are also concerned by the risks that can be caused to other people.
“Firstly, there have been incidents where, More Prosecutions...

Swooping Police
April 21st 2007

Police have swooped on a cannabis factory in Long Eaton. A cannabis-growing system and around 40 cannabis plants were discovered during a raid on a property in Trafalgar Square. No arrests were made in the raid carried out around 1.40pm on Wednesday but inquiries are continuing and the property has been boarded up. The operation was carried out by officers from Long Eaton Town's Safer Neighbourhood Team. Sergeant Michael Hutcheson, the team's leader, said: "Forensic scientists, police officers and scientific support officers are now carrying out a detailed examination of the house and the plants."


31 Stockton Road in Newport
April 21st 2007

Police discovered a cannabis factory and items for cannabis cultivation today. Friday 21st: They executed a drugs warrant at 31 Stockton Road in Newport. No arrests were made.


Fylde's biggest cannabis factory found
April 21st 2007

Police have raided what is believed to be the biggest cannabis factory ever discovered on the Fylde coast.Officers raided what used to be Wardleys pub, on Wardley Lane, Hambleton, and discovered more than 1500 plants growing in over nine rooms. Two men and two women were arrested, but have since been released without charge, pending further forensic tests.
Since February the premises has been used a restaurant, under the name of Rainbow Place.


"I certainly hadn't suspected anything like this was going on"
April 20th 2007

A SOPHISTICATED cannabis farm has been discovered in the loft of a house. Police who raided the house smashed up the growing equipment with a hammer to prevent it being used again. The farm was discovered in Hill Lane, Blackrod, early yesterday. when officers raided the property. They found lamps, heating equipment and a watering system. Up to 50 plants at a time could be grown there and officers believe that a crop of "skunk" cannabis plants worth thousands of pounds had recently been harvested. PC Keith Seal, who was involved in the operation, said: "This raid was carried out based on the strength of intelligence that we gathered. "Inside we found quite a sophisticated hydroponic set-up designed to grow cannabis plants. "We also discovered the remains of what we believe were recently cut plants. The equipment was seized and some has now been destroyed so it can never be used again." One neighbour said: "I certainly hadn't suspected anything like this was going on. "When we saw the police laying all the equipment out on the drive, I didn't realise what it was for. It just looked like the contents of somebody's greenhouse." Full Shock...


Operation Falcon
April 18th 2007

Police seized hundreds of cannabis plants in a raid on a house in Cutteslowe, Oxford, today. The search was carried out at 8am at a house in Jackson Road, as part of the ongoing anti-drugs initiative Operation Falcon. Police said in line with the operation's multi-agency approach, Oxford City Council's CANAcT were in attendance along with Southern Electric, who had to make the property safe as the mains had been illegally redirected to bypass the electricity meter. Initial investigations show 200 - 300 mature cannabis plants and 50 immature plants were being cultivated in the house. A woman in her twenties was arrested at the scene and is being questioned.
Oxford drugs co-ordinator Leigh Thompson said: "We estimate this house could have produced cannabis at street value of some £40,000 a year. "And a further £12,000 a year in electricity was being bypassed in what was a dangerous and illegal set up that was a serious fire hazard."Full Tale....


Couples deny cannabis charge
April 10th 2007

Two Chinese couples have denied being involved in cannabis cultivation in Cardiff. Lien Le, who was said to run her own business, and her husband Xuan Nguyen appeared in the dock at Cardiff Crown Court with Hoa and Hai Nguyen. All were said to have been living in Broadway, in Splott, Cardiff, at the time the alleged offence was committed between 2005 and 2006. Each person pleaded not guilty through an interpreter when the charge of conspiring to produce a controlled drug was put to them. They will face a two-week trial at the crown court some time this summer.


Cannabis is a Class C drug and remains illegal
April 3rd 2007

Two cannabis 'factories' have been uncovered by officers from Bradford South's Neighbourhood Policing Team East acting on information received from the public.
Officers discovered 600 mature cannabis plants and growing equipment when they called at an address in Lonsdale Street, Barkerend, on Saturday (31/3) in response to calls from local residents.
A 53 year old man was arrested in connection with the find. He has been charged with being concerned in the production of cannabis and was due to appear before Bradford magistrates today (2/4).
While officers were searching the address they stopped a car that was driving nearby and found a small amount of cannabis. Two men were arrested from the vehicle and are currently in custody.
Further enquiries led officers to a house in Azealea Court, Barkerend, where they found a cannabis factory in the process of being set up. Equipment, including lights and fans, were discovered, along with a small number of young cannabis plants.
Sergeant Phil Goss said: "The discovery of these two cannabis factories again demonstrates how information provided by the local community is helping us to target illegal drugs. Cannabis is a Class C drug and remains illegal. You can be arrested for cultivating, supplying or possessing it and can face serious penalties.
"We will continue to conduct operations to target drugs in the community over the coming weeks and months and we would urge local people to keep providing us with information. If you have information about drug dealing activity, Dob in a Dealer by calling Crimestoppers, anonymously and in confidence......


'unable to give a value for the plants'
April 2nd 2007

A self-employed roofer was caught with more than 100 cannabis plants. Hartlepool man Andrew Moore had 111 plants in the loft of his home in the town’s Sandringham Road after police executed a search warrant on the premises. Teesside Crown Court heard how officers also discovered heating lamps, plant food and thermometers. Martina Connolly, prosecuting, said Moore told police that he had bought some cuttings from a hemp fair and had spent £180 on equipment. The court was told that Moore smoked 10 to 14 joints a day and this was the first harvest of his cannabis farm. Ms Connolly added that forensic experts had been unable to give a value for the plants because they had not grown big enough. Robin Denny, mitigating, said: “There had not been a harvesting of these plants so there is no evidence of any sale to others. He has always said this was purely for himself.” Moore, 24, from Sandringham Road, pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis on November 9 last year. Recorder Brian Cox sentenced Moore to 200 hours unpaid work. “It is clear that you had invested quite a lot of effort in setting up this equipment,” he said.


'a secret cannabis factory'
April 2nd 2007

Firemen called to a blaze at an ordinary-looking terraced house found more than just family possessions going up in smoke. For after fire crews smashed their way into the smoke-filled house in cobbled Nelson Street in Bury they discovered a secret cannabis factory.
The lounge was well alight but after tackling the flames officers found two other rooms were filled with cannabis plants. The property had been set up for the mass production of the drug. It is believed the fire started in an electrical fuse box which may have become overloaded due to the number of growing lamps being used to cultivate the drug. A large quantity of the plants were later removed by police who are investigating who used the rented property. Landlord Mr Pav Khan said: "I own seven properties and rent them out. There was something funny about this one. "I told the people who rented it that I would come round and collect the rent once a month.
"But they are Chinese and said they did not want me to come because the lady who lived there was pregnant and for ethnic reasons they did not want me to call, More Secrets....


'It is something that you imagine you would see in a movie'
March 22nd 2007

A "cannabis factory" was discovered at a rented house in Bourne End on Thursday. Police say they found a substantial number of plants, believed to be cannabis, at a home in Goddington Road after an initial call about a broken window on March 15. Neighbours had called the police when they realised a side window had been smashed. Officers went to the house in the early evening and, after finding the plants, they immediately cordoned off the surrounding area. Neighbours expressed their shock at the discovery. One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "There have been a few people coming and going over the last few months and the curtains are always shut. "But this a very quiet road and you don't expect this sort of thing to happen next door and we are very shocked."The owner of the house, who was renting it out, has also been left stunned.
He said: "It is a bit of a shock and particularly out of the blue. "It is something that you imagine you would see in a movie but not in an area like this, especially Bourne End. "There was no evidence to suggest any criminal activity."Rachel McQuilliam, spokesman for Thames Valley Police, said: "Numerous plants were found and a full search of the house was undertaken."No one has been arrested and officers are appealing for information.


'eight officers with a battering ram'
March 20th 2007

Cannabis farm found in Marshside. A cannabis farm was found in after a early-morning drugs raid on a house in Lytham Road. Neighbours watched as eight officers smashed open the side gate with a battering ram and entered the house through an unlocked back window. The first floor of the semi-detached house in Marshside had been converted into a makeshift cannabis factory, with three rooms filled with more than 200 plants, aged from a fortnight to two months.
“This is certainly not the first crop - it is quite well established,” Sergeant Neil Turner, leading the operation, said.
“The first point of call is to get the electricity made safe because it is on the fiddle and crudely done. They always blank the windows so people like neighbours or the window cleaner can’t see in and it keeps the heat in.” Police said the electricity supply had been bypassed so the high amounts needed to power heaters and fans would not register on the meter. The upstairs walls had been lined with foil to reflect the light from the heater lamps hung low from the ceiling. Two standing fans in each room kept the air flowing around the plants that were lined in neat rows, Full Raid.....


'cannabis with intent to supply'
March 17th 2007

A chap appeared in court yesterday in connection with a police raid on an alleged cannabis farm. George Hume, 40, appeared in private at Perth Sheriff Court accused of producing cannabis for cultivation at his home. Hume, of Main Street, Kinneswood, near Kinross, made no plea or declaration and was remanded in custody. A second charge alleges he had cannabis with intent to supply it from his home at the time of the raid on Thursday.


'three years and nine months for 538 plants'
March 16th 2007

Brian Horne restaurant boss who helped run a cannabis farm has been jailed for three years and nine months for his part in the operation.
A court heard that Sai Yau Shek, 53, was under pressure from loan sharks. At first he thought that he was being asked to find housing for Vietnamese refugees. However, when he found out the truth he failed to alert police to what was going on at two addresses in Ayrshire.
Police raids on the flats in Kilmarnock and Newmilns in September 2006 netted a total of 538 cannabis plants producing a crop which drug experts said could have been worth up to £150,000.
He was appearing at the High Court in Edinburgh for sentence.
At an earlier hearing, Shek had admitted producing the drug at a house in Kilmarnock and one at Ladeside, Newmilns, and to being concerned in the supply of the drug.
The court was told Shek arrived in the UK from Hong Kong in 1975 and had worked hard to build up a restaurant business in Ayrshire, Full Sentence...

"on 0845 8505 505 0980 87675 12321 56543 09878 or get a life..."
March 16th 2007

A suspected 'cannabis factory' was discovered at a house in Bourne End yesterday evening. Police officers went to the house in Goddington Road after a neighbour reported a broken window. Numerous plants, believed to be cannabis, were found and a full search of the house is currently taking place. The search is expected to continue through the day. Anyone with information should contact DC Andy Powell-Williams, of High Wycombe CID, on 0845 8505 505 0980 87675 12321 56543 09878 or get a life...

'two and a half years for £1m cannabis operation'
March 16th 2007

A businessman has been jailed for two and a half years after pleading guilty to his part in a £1m cannabis operation in Pembrokeshire.
And Roy Skinner, 48, is set to lose a fortune after police raided a farm near Wolfscastle.
Swansea Crown Court heard on Friday how Skinner spent £245,000 buying New Farm and invested £30,000 in the planting and rearing of more than 1,000 cannabis plants. But police swooped in August last year just as the plants began to mature, leaving Skinner without a penny from the operation.
Police sources told the Western Telegraph the farm was thought to be capable of producing 42 kilos of cannabis per month - worth almost £1million per year.
If the court determines the original investment was made with criminal intent Skinner will lose the lot - as well as serving the 30-month jail sentence.
Jim Davis, prosecuting, said New Farm had more than doubled in value since Skinner made his purchase.
Mr Davis said the farm, near Sealyham, Wolfscastle, had been valued at more than £500,000 12 months ago and had probably increased in value, Full Value....


'take out warrants and bring offenders before the courts'
March 15th 2007

A man of 60 was arrested after police uncovered a cannabis farm in New Brighton. A large quantity of cultivation equipment was seized yesterday (Tuesday) together with cannabis plants with an estimated street value of £30,000. A 60-year-old man was arrested during the raid and has been released on police bail pending further enquiries. Neighbourhood inspector Ian Shaw said: "Merseyside Police treats all drug production, cultivation and supply seriously. "This is a significant seizure and local people should be reassured that we will act on any information we receive about drugs misuse, take out warrants and bring offenders before the courts."
Anyone with information relating to this incident or drug-related crime in their area is asked to call Crimestoppers.....

'police will not tolerate anybody growing or dealing drugs'
March 15th 2007

A drug den was uncovered by an estate agent and prospective house buyer when they went to view a property. They found about 150 mature plants in a terraced house in Hawk Street, Burnley - just yards from the town centre and Burnley College. The duo alerted police following the discovery about 3.30pm on Monday. Officers raided the property three hours later and found the drugs which had a street value of between £7,000 and £10,000. As well as cannabis, officers also found a sophisticated lighting rig. Police said they believed someone had broken in to the property and set up the factory as well as re-wiring the electricity to power the growing equipment. The house had been unoccupied and up for sale. Sergeant Vicky Crorken of Burnley police said it was an unusual way for a cannabis factory to be uncovered. But she said: "By seizing the cannabis and equipment we are delaying a big blow to drug dealing in Burnley.
"The police will not tolerate anybody growing or dealing drugs and we will take action against anybody we suspect of being involved in the production of any illegal drug, Full Tolerance....


"It takes a massive amount of electricity to power these type of farms"
March 14th 2007

Cannabis users causing power surges as they fuel their illegal farms are being sniffed out by a hit squad.
As concerns grow about the number of cannabis farms discovered in houses across Sunderland, a team of British Gas officers is helping root out the problem. The specialist staff are keeping an eye open for surges of electricity and unusual power consumption which could suggest the illegal drug is being farmed. Police last year seized 240 cannabis plants after raids at properties across the city.
A spokesman for British Gas said: "It takes a massive amount of electricity to power these type of farms – up to £3,000 a year just for a couple of hundred plants. "That amount of power for one house is immediately going to raise suspicions.
"Often criminals try to get around this problem by bypassing the supply altogether, by fiddling their electricity. This is, of course, not just a crime but incredibly dangerous. "So if a house appears to be using no electricity, again suspicions are raised and the team investigates."Full Power....


'actively seek out and close down'
March 14th 2007

Police are still at the premises of a house where 70 cannabis plants were discovered this morning. Bromley police raided the address in Horley Road, Mottingham, at 11.30am and discovered the plants, along with hydroponics and other equipment. The 35-year-old owner of the address was arrested for possession with intent to supply and is currently at Bromley police station.
Detective Inspector Bryan Davidson, who took part in the raid, said: "Bromley police will continue to actively seek out and close down these illegal and dangerous factories where they are apparent.
"It is important that we work together as a community to prevent any further factories being set up, as not only do they fuel crime but they are serious hazards in terms of personal safety "These factories present a real fire risk and danger to neighbouring properties due to the unstable wiring and the enormous amount of heat generated by the heat lamps." More...

'cannabis farms uncovered in police raids in Britain has trebled in the last two years'
March 13th 2007

The amount of homegrown cannabis sold in Britain has risen nearly six-fold in ten years, a drug charity claims. About 60 per cent of the dope sold in this country has been grown on domestic cannabis farms – up from 11 per cent in 1996, figures produced by the drug information charity DrugScope show.
The number of cannabis farms uncovered in police raids in Britain has trebled in the last two years and an average of three dope farms have been raided every day over the last six months, a report in the charity's Druglink magazine said.
In London, 1,500 cannabis farms were found during police raids over the last two years, compared with about 500 in the previous two years.
And an average of 400 plants are recovered in each raid as officers continue their crackdown on farms based in residential and commercial properties. The report also revealed that up to three-quarters of cannabis farms were run by Vietnamese criminal gangs.
Vietnamese-run cannabis farms have been found in London, South Wales, Birmingham, East Anglia, Yorkshire and the North East, it added.
DrugScope's Harry Shapiro said: 'There are significant implications for police resources in trying to keep up with the growers who are becoming increasingly smart in establishing new farms and avoiding arrest.'
Det Insp Neil Hutchison, from the Met's serious and organised crime squad, said: 'Some of the Vietnamese growers have been smuggled over here and have paid good money. 'But once here, they find themselves under the thumb of gangs who push them into working on cannabis farms.'

Power had been bypassed in order to cut cultivation costs
March 11th 2007

More than 200 cannabis plants have been seized by police after a chance discovery prompted by a blaze at a Walsall house. Firefighters stumbled across the haul when neighbours spotted smoke coming from the house. Fire broke out at the rented house in Hart Street, Caldmore, at 10.30pm yesterday. Police and firefighters were alerted and found 211 cannabis plants scattered across its two floors.
The outbreak is believed to have been sparked by an electrical fault. Power had been bypassed in order to cut cultivation costs.
Damage was restricted to one upstairs bedroom although plants were split between three rooms with equipment including lamps and bags of fertiliser. Sgt Steve Davis, from Walsall police, said some of the plants were of a decent size and although no street value could be given at this stage, it would be a considerable sum. He said: “It looks like this has been set up for some time and is a good result for us. “We have got an idea there are a few more in the area and believe there is a network operating. Police are actively seeking these other houses.”
He added no-one has been arrested but further investigations were being carried out to trace owners of the rented accommodation.

"You don't expect to rent out a house and it to be turned into a cannabis farm."
March 10th 2007

The landlordhello.... of a house transformed into a sophisticated cannabis factory by its tenants has described the moment he discovered hundreds of illegal plants inside.
John Guy was called to the semi-detached house in Queen's Avenue, Bromley Cross, by United Utilities workers who said they needed urgent access because of an electrical fault.
After discovering the door locks had been changed, Mr Guy prised open an upstairs window to get inside - and was shocked to see a sophisticated drug growing operation behind plastic drapes. He said: "It was absolutely horrendous. I couldn't believe it. I had never seen anything like it in my life. The man from United Utilities called the police and said they had better get down here immediately.
"You don't expect to rent out a house and it to be turned into a cannabis farm." Mr Guy, aged 49, from Bolton, owns six houses and four shops in the area. He signed the lease documents for the Queen's Avenue property, number 116, on February 21 - meaning the men behind the operation took less than three weeks to establish the cannabis farm. The house was kitted out with heat lamps, complicated watering systems and fans.
Mr Guy said: "There were plants in the lounge and in two of the bedrooms. In the bedrooms, there were plastic sheets covering the windows. They must have moved everything in very quickly." United Utilities were called on Tuesday when the electricity supply in the house adjoined to number 116 failed. The men behind the cannabis operation are believed to have hooked their equipment up to their neighbour's supply.
Police raided number 116, and carried out a search of number 120, also owned by Mr Guy, where they found more equipment and cannabis plant seedlings.

'plants were taken away by officers to be incinerated'
March 10th 2007

More than 300 cannabis plants have been found at a house in Gloucester by officers investigating a burglary. It took detectives five hours to remove heat lamps and dehumidifying equipment at the address in Furlong Road. Police believe the plants would have ended up being dried out and sold to children in the neighbourhood. "I'm sure families in this area will be grateful this cannabis isn't being sold and that people aren't making money from selling it," Insp Cooper said. The plants were taken away by officers to be incinerated.

"I ran back out because I was so shocked."
March 9th 2007

300 cannabis plants have been seized by police after a raid on a home that had been turned in to a drugs factory. A forest of cannabis plants were discovered by neighbours who believed the Furlong Road, Tredworth home had been broken in to. Windows were blanked off, tarpaulins laid out on the floor, and lights, heaters and fans were fed by a maze of electrical wires which bypassed the meter.
"My husband noticed the front door was ajar and damaged," said neighbour Joy O'Connor, who discovered the haul with neighbours when they saw the front door of the three-storey home had been damaged. "We went in and I could not believe it. "I ran back out because I was so shocked." No arrests have been made.

'25 officers took stock of the cannabis plants being grown'
Victoria Taylor
March 9th 2007

Police busted a cannabis factory growing up to 250 plants in a raid this morning. Officers forced their way into the drugs den, sandwiched between two shops in Fawcett Road, Southsea, at 6.15am today.
As youngsters bought sandwiches and sweets on their way to school, 25 officers took stock of the cannabis plants being grown in the property, that had once been split into two flats.
Three upstairs rooms and a downstairs room were filled with cannabis plants being grown using a hydroponic system that was being powered by illegal wiring syphoning power from the electricity mainss. It is thought the property was harvesting a crop worth up to £160,000 a year.
The operation was carried out by Portsmouth Neighbourhood Policing Team, which was alerted by neighbours complaining about a strange smell, Full Stink....

"like a jungle"
March 9th 2007

2 sophisticated cannabis farms have been discovered in houses in a quiet suburban street in Bolton. The semi-detached homes in Queen's Avenue, Bromley Cross, had been converted into drug growing operations - complete with heat lamps, complicated watering systems and fans. Hundreds of plants were discovered on Tuesday afternoon by the landlord of the houses, which had been rented out, during a routine visit. Police officers described the downstairs rooms of one house as being "like a jungle".
Forensic examinations have been carried out at the houses - numbers 116 and 120, which are two doors apart - and hundreds of plants of the Class C drug have been seized.
It is thought about 200 mature plants were growing in one house and a further 200 saplings at the second address.Police were called to Queen's Avenue at about 4pm on Tuesday after the stunned landlord uncovered the operation and saw two men fleeing the scene.
Foil and plastic sheeting had been used to cover the windows of the properties from the inside and plastic covered the floor where hundreds of plants were growing, Full Tale....



'Dope' was also found in a freezer...
March 8th 2007

1000s of pounds worth of cannabis were found when police raided a restaurant and flat. Cops stormed the flat above the Mas Y Mas restaurant in College Road, Bromley at around 9.30am last Friday. Inside they found 500 plants with a street value of more than £125,000, along with cultivation equipment such as lights, heaters and hydration systems.
All three rooms in the flat, plus the loft, were crammed with cannabis plants, windows were boarded up and walls lined with plastic. Dope was also found in a freezer and a cupboard, More Dope...

'a quiet suburban street in Bolton'
March 7th 2007

2 cannabis factories have been discovered in houses on a quiet suburban street in Bolton. The semi-detached homes on Queen's Avenue, Bromley Cross, had been converted in to sophisticated drug growing operations - complete with heat lamps, automatic watering systems and fans. Hundreds of plants were discovered on Tuesday by the landlord of the two houses.

'Wycombe has a big problem with drugs'
March 7th 2007

500 cannabis plants with a suspected street value of more than a quarter-of-a- million pounds were seized yesterday from a house in Castlefield. Police arrested a man during the raid on the three-bedroom house in Chiltern Avenue, High Wycombe, at around 10.20am yesterday. Officers allege that the house was being used as a cannabis factory'. The estimated street value of the haul is £300,000 and plants were growing in every room except the bathroom and the sitting room. Neighbourhood beat officer PC Maryam Jafari said: "Wycombe has a big problem with drugs. It is disproportionate to the size of the town, Full Problem.....


A total of 50 cannabis plants
March 4th 2007

Drugs squad officers have carried out a second raid in the Uckfield/Heathfield area, it has been revealed this morning.
Officers from the Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team, and plain clothes officers from the Wealden Operations Team, executed a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act, at a private house in Cross in Hand during the morning of February 13. A total of 50cannabis plants were found growing in the loft space. These were seized, together with the associated hydroponics equipment. A few days earlier around 500 cannabis plants had been found in a raid at Buxted.


'made £63,000 from growing cannabis'
March 4th 2007

A Vietnamese man who made more than £63,000 from growing cannabis in Cardiff has been ordered to cough up for his crimes - by paying just £5.
Ba Ba-Phan, 33, had been running a cannabis farm for others at his home in Cowbridge Road East, Canton, where more than 400 plants were found. This cannabis factory was just one of 20 that police found in Cardiff last year run by Vietnamese gangs.
Ba-Phan was jailed in November for 14 months when he pleaded guilty to producing cannabis in the property which had been converted to create the ideal environment to grow the drug. It is usual for each member of the gang to have a different job whether it is gardening, harvesting, or delivering the drugs, Full Payment.....


'desired impact'
March 4th 2007

A cannabis factory was found after people renting a house in Medway suddenly handed back the keys and left.
Police inspected the house in Coronation Road, Chatham, and found about 200 cannabis plants in the loft that had been cropped and bagged. Officers said the crop had an estimated street value of about £50,000. Det Insp John Coull said cannabis farmers fleeing without their crop showed that drug cultivators were feeling the impact of police activity. He said: "The pressure on these cannabis farmers is growing and they are now feeling the heat. "The fact that they have abandoned this valuable crop demonstrates that we are having the desired impact within Medway."It follows a police crackdown on cannabis cultivation across the Medway area.


'highly sophisticated cannabis-growing centre'
March 6th 2007

Police made a astonishing drug discovery which confronted police who knocked on the door of a house on a routine inquiry in Leeds.Officers found a highly sophisticated cannabis-growing centre when they visited the house to check details of a vehicle's ownership.
They could hardly believe their eyes when they saw what lay behind brick facade of the Edwardian semi.
Unsuspecting, they had repeatedly knocked on the front door. As they waited for an answer, three men fled through the back door of the house in Balbec Avenue, Headingley, Leeds, last Tuesday evening.
When the officers reached the back of the house they found the back door open and an smell of cannabis coming from inside.
Professional Stepping inside they found some of the most professional cannabis growing systems they had ever seen, set up in four rooms devoted to the operation. To generate rapid growth of cannabis plants a detailed system had been set-up employing water-driven hydroponics and high levels of constant fluorescent lighting.
The drug growers had even installed an industrial air-conditioning system to mask the strong smell of the drug from reaching passers-by and neighbours, More...


Dob in a Dealer
March 6th 2007

Officers from Bradford South's Neighbourhood Policing Team East seized drugs and cash, and arrested two people at an address in Laisterdyke, acting on information provided by the community.
Officers executed a search warrant at the property in Blucher Street on Thursday (1/3) as a direct result of information passed to them by local people. They recovered cannabis, with an estimated street value of about £1,500, and about £1,200 in cash.

A 26 year old man and a 25 year old woman were arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs and were later released on police bail pending further enquiries.
Sergeant Kevin Pickles, of Bradford South Neighbourhood Policing Team East, said: "Local people have a major role to play in helping us to tackle the supply of drugs in their communities, as this latest operation illustrates. We will continue to target suspected drug dealers over the coming weeks and months and we would urge local people to keep providing us with information that we can act on."
Anybody with information about drug dealing activity can Dob in a Dealer by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, anonymously and in confidence.

Storming Police..
March 6th 2007

Police who stormed a flat during a cannabis raid discovered around 500 plants worth a street value of more than £125,000. Bromley police hit the flat above a restaurant in Scotts Road, Bromley, on Friday morning. Along with the plants, cannabis processing equipment including lights, heaters and hydration systems were discovered. Each of the three rooms in the flat had been converted for cannabis production with the windows boarded up, the walls lined with plastic and a lighting and ventilation system installed. The loft had also been modified for the same purposes and cannabis was found stored in a freezer and a cupboard in the flat. An additional warrant was also obtained for the empty restaurant below, where more drugs were found in a freezer, More Storming...

This is the latest drugs set up to be taken out of production...
March 6th 2007

Police Officers from Doncaster Tutor unit, based in the town centre led this recent drugs operation. Following information received by the public, a raid was carried out on an address on Palmer Street, Hyde Park on Sunday 12 February. 195 cannabis plants were recovered from the property. They had been hand watered and a professionally installed lighting system was found.
Yorkshire Electricity assisted to make the house safe as the electricity supply to the house had been tampered with.

The haul had a street value of almost £200,000. A 27 year old male was arrested and charged with cultivation /supply.

Doncaster Police have also been involved in a proactive drugs operation in the town centre on Sunday 18 February. Two drugs dogs were walked around the area and alerted officers to potential suspects.

Eight people were detained during this three hour operation within Doncaster town centre. The types of drugs recovered ranged from cannabis, amphetamine and heroin. There were two arrests for possession of drugs and six street cautions given out for possession of drugs. PS Geordie Mackell and his Tactical Tasking Team regularly run such operations at various times day and night, in different areas of Doncaster.
PS Jackie Hardy, of Doncaster Tutor Unit said, "This is the latest drugs set up to be taken out of production in Doncaster town centre. It proves that information from the community about drug dealing is vital in taking dealers off the streets. We would encourage the public to continue to provide information that we can act upon either through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or to the police on 01142 20 20 20."

"We will continue to work hard to reduce crime and catch those responsible for the associated antisocial behaviour."
South Yorkshire Police is part of the Safer Doncaster Partnership, a statutory body comprising of representatives from the Police, Local Authority, Health Authority and other statutory and voluntary agencies which is working together to reduce crime and disorder in Doncaster.

'the house had been adapted to grow cannabis'
March 6th 2007

More than 300 cannabis plants have been seized by police in a drugs raid.Officers raided a detached house on Durham Drive, Florence, at around 8am today. However, nobody was in the house at the time of the raid and no arrests were made.
Police said most of the house had been adapted to grow cannabis. A police spokesman said: "Around 10 officers went to the house.
"We had received information from a member of the community that raised concerns about the address. "Investigations are ongoing and forensic testing is being carried out at the address." The spokesman added: "We advise members of the public who have concerns about suspicious behaviour at a property to contact the police. "One of the dead giveaways that something like this is going on is curtains or blinds remaining closed all the time."

'pungent weed'
March 6th 2007

Police busted a cannabis farm in a Chatham house after smelling the pungent weed from outside. Officers were patrolling in the early hours of Saturday morning when they became aware of a strong odour in Chatham Hill. They searched a nearby house and found 178 plants, worth an estimated £44,000. Police believe the growers were at the stage of harvesting their plants. Detective Inspector John Coull said: “We are winning the fight against drugs in the towns of Medway and it has become common knowledge that there is currently a cannabis drought in the area, Full Stink....


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